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Black Light (B&W Gallery)

Black Light

Through a portfolio of forty six images, award-winning photographer Jason Friend shares some of his experiences and techniques behind the making of some of his favourite monochrome photographs. 

These images are now available exclusively from, as a selection of prints and gifts.

‘Black Light’ is the 11th book to be authored by Jason Friend, and his first to be released as an e-book. It is also the first to exclusively feature only his black and white images.

Click here to download the Black Light Preview Edition PDF for free.

The book can be purchased and downloaded immediately for £2.49 by following the link below.



Over the last ten years I have been commissioned to write and capture the images for over a dozen traditionally published books, many of them released by my current publisher, Halsgrove. Whilst I have been more than happy with the book projects I have completed, I have also been taking great interest in the e-book platform and in particular the viewing experience that can be delivered via new technology such as the Apple iPad and similar.

With this is mind, and a desire to showcase a selection of my favourite monochrome images captured over the let 15 years, I decided to start work on my own ebook. This has been a steep learning curve as I am not only writing all of the text but also handling all elements of the design of the book as well as the actual distribution of the book, a task that is normally handled by my publisher. My main concern of course has been getting the book in front of as many potential buyers as possible and as such I decided that the book should not only be available as a PDF via my own website but should also be available via the Amazon Kindle network, opening the market to not only Kindle owners but also various other platforms including Android based tablets and mobile phones, the Apple Iphone and the Ipad.

For me, the most important aspect of working on the book has been the desire to completely control the design of the finished work. Whilst I do not intend to abandon traditional books all together (Halsgrove are planning to release another three of my books early next year), there is something satisfying in seeing a project through from the capture of the images to the final completed piece of work.